Virtuascan Sample Download

virtuascan sample pack

Click on any of the images above to download all 5 samples of 3td Studios' VirtuaScan line of products. All models include the base mesh in .FBX format along with 2K texture maps for Albedo, Diffuse, Roughness, Specular, Normal, Detail Normal, Ambient Occulsion and Displacement *where applicable.  These models are presented 'as is' and are totally free for you to use in any project. These sample models and textures may NOT be individually re-sold or combined in new packages and sold. You may use the samples in your personal or commercial projects ONLY.  No credit to 3td Studios is required for either personal or commercial works that use these assets. By clicking on any of the the download links above, you acknowledge these rules for use.

Total .ZIP File Size: 116 Megabytes

virtuascan nature props

Thousands of photographs and hundreds of man-hours have gone into the 3TD Studios Nature Props Pack. Each of these UnReal Engine 4, game-ready assets includes; 2K texture maps for Albedo, Roughness, Diffuse, Normal, Ambient Occlusion and Detail Normal maps. Pack includes;  Rocks, Tree Trunks, Props, grass and weeds are all photoscanned and adjusted using the latest PBR techniques. Release Date: 2017