Science and art combine

It is time to re-launch Three Tier Digital Studios. For those that have been following me, thank you for your continued support and I hope you are expecting some great things since I made you wait so long. It's been over a year since I have updated or announced anything new. The good news is I have not been sitting around doing nothing. I have learned so many new things in order to keep up with the modern generation of game development. I initially thought this would be a simple task alas, I was mistaken. Every image on this website is either an in-game screenshot or a Cycles Blender render showing objects or scenes entirely produced by 3TD Studios.  I sincerely hope that each of you finds a bit of inspiration, information or technique that helps you improve. Keep checking back because we have a huge number of updates to post as well as more than a few surprises.

Where are the old free assets?

We still have our 'Free T3D Assets' Those old models specifically designed for Torque 3D, however, they are no longer available on this site. If you want them you only need to click this link (it will take you to CGTrader.com) ; CGTRADER.COM.  Part of our new direction is moving into more 'modern' engines. T3D will always hold a fond place in my developer heart however, I feel I need to grow and learn. Therefore, FBX format, PBR Materials, DX 11/12 API and other 'top end' features are now 'standard' systems within 3TD Studios workflow.

Extra stuff and future plans

     There are many more interesting projects that will be given an overview, blog or video  in future updates and I plan on adding and updating this website in order to pass on the knowledge and effort I have put forth. Keep checking back, at least monthly, to learn about new projects and interesting developments in our industry.